Sara Tyree

Sara is our dental hygienist.  She has been with our practice for 10 years and is excellent at what she does.  Sara does not just clean teeth but assesses each patient individually.  She goes over each patient’s entire medical history as different medical conditions can greatly affect the teeth. 

Sara also assesses each patient’s home oral care regimen and makes adjustments and introduces new techniques when necessary for our patients to achieve the best home care. Sara is from Baton Rouge and is happily married and has two children. 


Robin Bashrum

Robin is Dr. Michael Shannon’s dental everything. She is mainly his chair-side assistant but fulfills may roles in the dental office. Robin has been with Dr. Shannon for the past 12 years and has much compassion for the patients treated in the office. She specializes in making patients feel comfortable and at ease in the dental chair. Robin is happily married from St. Amant and has two children.

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Bailey Biggs

Bailey is one of our dental assistant. Bailey comes from a service background and loves to help people. Bailey has a very compassionate heart uses her gifts to make patients feel as comfortable as they can in the dental chair during their treatment.


Cassie Smart

Cassie is our wonderful patient relations expert. She greets patients as they come in making them feel at home. Cassie handles patient appointments, maximizes insurance benefits, and coordinates appointments with other specialist’s offices.

It is usually Cassie’s voice you hear on the telephone when she is confirming your appointment the day before your treatment. She comes with much experience in patient relations. Cassie is from Prairieville and is happily married with one son in high school.

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Robin Shannon DDS.

Robin is our general dentist in the office and also happens to be Dr. Shannon’s wife. She has 20+ years of general dental experience. Robin maintains her own private practice within our facility and also handles any general dental needs of Dr. Shannon’s prosthodontic restorative patients. Robin has a very calming and reassuring demeanor and has a very gentle touch and treats a lot of patients that come with dental phobias and fears